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Dear patients and friends,

I wish to inform you that I will be closing the office located at 8900 sw 117th ave, Miami, FL, effective October 31, 2023. I will be available to provide your medical care until said date.


It is very important that you make arrangements as soon as possible to select a new physician to make sure you receive uninterrupted medical care. Please contact your medical plan to obtain a list of physicians in your area.


To receive a copy of your medical records, a release must be duly executed. There will be a nominal fee for the photocopying of your record and can be picked up in the office prior to November 15th, 2023. 


Starting November 17, 2023, the records custodian will be Clary Document Management, Inc. and copies of the record may be obtained by contacting them directly at 763.548.1330. You may also fax Clary at 763.548.1325 or by email at


Thank you for having chosen me as your physician; it has been my pleasure and honor to serve you. I wish you continued health and wellness.



Best Regards, 



R. Nunez, MD

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